East Coast based photographer Erin Kirk-Cuomo captures the beauty in human interaction. From a couple taking their engagement photos to world leaders discussing wars, she has dedicated her life to telling stories through images.

She was given her first camera before the age of 10 by her father and has never stopped taking pictures. After graduating from the University of the Arts she enlisted in the Marine Corps as a combat photographer. She served in both Iraq and Afghanistan before continuing on to become the Commandant of the Marine Corps personal photographer at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. where she served out the end of her enlistment. After leaving the Marine Corps she was asked to become the lead photographer to the new Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta serving with him for two years and continuing on with Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel documenting the daily activity of the Department of Defense and its leadership. Erin now lives in Cape May, New Jersey with her active duty Coast Guard husband Jake.

Erin's work has been published on many websites, papers, and magazines to include Yahoo News, Time Magazine, The New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Post, The Chicago Sun Times and the Omaha World Herald.

Through wars, traveling to more than 50 countries, covering powerful world leaders, and yes even photographing a portrait for a friend, Erin has never forgotten that photography is art and that regardless of the setting there is beauty, pain, tension, and love in human interaction, but you have to capture it.